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Vitality Netball Super League

Tonight, the regular fixtures of the Vitality Netball Superleague season will come to a close after a much-anticipated clash between Manchester Thunder and Hertfordshire Mavericks.

This rearranged match will mark the culmination of one of the closest finishes the Superleague has ever seen.

Ahead of the game, Thunder are top with 36 points with Mavericks, Surrey Storm and Team Bath all on 30 points each, the only thing separating them being goal average.

Should Mavericks beat Thunder tonight, they will be guaranteed their all-important home semi-final without complicated mathematics deciding their fate – but should they lose, it’s over to goal average to dictate whether Storm take that second place in the table or Mavericks stay put.

If goal averages are identical then it will go to whoever has the best goal difference and in the unlikely eventuality that they’re also the same, it will move to which side has scored the most goals.

We’ll keep you posted on who’s in second place to save you from getting out your calculators during the match!

This is the most exciting and vital finish to the VNSL rounds we could possibly have at this point and could all go down to that last Wallace or Housby shot of the match to decide the final standings!

The game will be held at the Thunderdome with a first centre pass time of 6.15pm. It will be live streamed on our website here: https://www.netballsl.com/members-area/live-video/ so don’t forget to log in with your England Netball membership details and enjoy every nail-biting moment of the match LIVE!

You can also follow proceedings on Twitter via both Thunder and Mavericks’ Twitter accounts, and ours at @NetballSL.

Whatever the outcome, we’re in for some unbelieveable netball in the semi-finals, ending up with our final destination – a Grand Final to remember at the Copper Box Arena on Saturday 7th May.

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