Get to know… George Fisher

You’ve seen the goal-scoring prowess of George Fisher on the court, but how much do you know about George away from netball?

We caught up with the Saracens Mavericks shooter…

Favourite food: Noodles

Favourite pre-game song: Sia – Unstoppable

Favourite holiday destination: Pending… (still got a lot of the world to see)

Favourite sport other than netball: Rugby

Netflix recommendation: Peaky Blinders

Favourite drink: Peach Iced Tea

Biggest inspiration: Layla Guscoth

Any pets: Boo, Beanz, Stella & Mr Gilbert

If you could have one superpower it would be: Invisibility

Guilty pleasure: Cheese

Favourite film: Gladiator

Nandos order: Hot butterfly chicken, supergrain, spicy rice & corn on the cob

One thing that annoys you the most: Drivers that sit in the fast lane doing 60mph

What fashion trend / clothing / accessory do you just not get: Crocs – my dad wears them!

Tea coffee or hot chocolate: Coffee

What makes you happy: My dogs

What makes you angry: Overprotective big brother!

Spring or autumn: Spring

Any tattoos (what and where): Small red heart on my ribs & two fish on my right ankle with my mum’s star sign constellation underneath

Chocolate or sweets: Chocolate

George has been writing a regular Vitality Netball Superleague blog for Sky Sports during the 2019 season. You can read the latest entry here.