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The Signing Window has now closed

The Vitality Netball Superleague Signing Window has now closed. The paperwork has been submitted, registrations listed, and training partners confirmed.

Each side can register 15 players. This is made up of 10 plus up to five training partners. Nine of the 10 must fit within the salary cap regulations, the 10th player is listed as a marquee player and sits outside the salary cap. The five training partner must fit within the training partner salary cap regulations.

Any registered player can be selected for competitive fixtures throughout the season.

Franchises can register two players who do not hold an EU passport. These are classed as overseas players. It is possible for players who are born outside the EU to have an EU passport and therefore they would not be classed as overseas players.

The registered overseas players cannot be on the court in the same third at the same time. For example, you could not play a GK and GD but you could play a GK and GA at the same time.

146 players have been registered for the 2020 season with players coming from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Jamaica, Uganda South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malawi and Fiji.

Not surprisingly, 71% of the league is made up of English players. Scottish representatives make up 8% of the league followed by Wales and Australia in third with 5% each. This makes Australian born players the highest from outside the EU.

Out of the 146 players registered, a handful have moved between clubs in the Superleague.

Severn Stars have seen the most number of players come in from elsewhere within the league as six players will make their competitive debut for them on Saturday 22 February at the Season Opener.

London Pulse and Celtic Dragons have made four signings each within the league, Thunder and Storm made two each and the remaining sides have only signed one player each from a league rival.

Eight teams took up the option to register 15 players, each with 10 a plus five training partners. Celtic Dragons registered 14, with only four training partners. Saracens Mavericks have only named 12 players with a squad of 10 plus two registered training partners.

You can view all the squads on the 2020 Squad page or by visiting the clubs page by clicking on their logo at the top of the page.

You can see all the new look squads in action at the Vitality Netball Superleague Season Opener at Arena Birmingham on Saturday 22 February. With only a handful of tickets left you will need to be quick to secure yours. Book your tickets here.

Information taken from the registration forms the clubs have submitted
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The Signing Window has now closed
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