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Emily Nicholl in action during Sirens-Wasps.

An original member of Strathclyde Sirens, Emily Nicholl has seen it all and now she fears no one. 

The 28-year-old has represented the Glasgow-based side since its inception in 2017 and is back for a seventh year as she enters the second year of her two-year contract. 

Sirens finished eighth last season following seven wins from their 20 games but were second in the league for fewest goals conceded – a badge of honour for defender Nicholl. 

“I think when I first signed, I was just excited and everyone I played against was like a star to me and I couldn’t believe it,” she explains. 

“But now I don’t fear anyone that I play against and I want them to know when they are playing against me ‘This is going to be a really hard game, Emily’s going to run with me for the full 60 and it’s going to be really challenging.’  

“I guess it’s just growing confidence in myself, getting so much more experience behind me. It’s not a big reach up for me to compete at that level, it’s just a level that I compete in week in, week out. 

“My work ethic has never dwindled; I’m hugely committed and disciplined. That’s always been part of my game. 

“And it is something that I definitely carry through and I also just like to drive the standards up within the squad, so really keeping us accountable. 

“That’s something that as a younger player, I kept myself accountable, but now as a more senior player, I like to keep the squad accountable as well.” 

Nicholl has become the second player Strathclyde Sirens have announced for their 2023 season, with Bethany Dix the first to be revealed. 

And the Scotland international has given the lowdown on what Sirens fans can expect as the announcements keep coming. 

She added: “I think we’ve retained a really solid base and I think that says a lot when a lot players stay. 

“We’ve got a really good core and there may be a familiar face coming back to Sirens. And then some exciting talent that we’ve not worked with before.  

“It’s a nice blend. We’ve got quite a few new players, which I think will bring new energy but then we’ve retained that core so Sirens still has its identity.  

“I’m looking forward to it and it’s going to be interesting to see how the squad looks.” 

It remains to be seen whether Nicholl will be joined by her frequent tour roomie Claire Maxwell with the duo having spent the summer rooming together at the Commonwealth Games. 


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Nicholl said: “We’ve been roomies for quite a wee while now and there is nobody else that I would love to share with more than Brownie [Maxwell]. 

“We are really good friends, it is nice when we come off the court, you can be 100 percent yourself within your room. 

“We were very chilled, we had a nice tidy room. All the girls kept coming to our room because they were jealous. 

“We did a bit of feng shui and formulated it into a nice organised order and managed to keep it nice and tidy. 

“And we were there for each other and also being captain and vice-captain, it was good to just chat about things off the court that you don’t always get the opportunity to when you are on court. 

“She never actually got on my nerves at all, I’d be letting her know if she did!” 

Someone who will definitely be back at the Emirates Arena is Nicholl’s biggest supporter and fan favourite, her mum Norma. 

“Wee Norma has become a bit of a super celebrity after Comm Games,” Nicholl joked. “My mum is key to me, she doesn’t really have any technical netball knowledge at all, but she is the person I can go to with everything. 

“After every game we have a full debrief, she gives me her analysis which is her own opinions. She is someone I can download everything in my brain to and she takes it and she is always there for me regardless. 

“She always comes to games, she is in her gear, and she gets so excited, she absolutely loves it. She will be there for sure!” 

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