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2018 VNSL Season Preview from Director of Netball & Head Coach, Kathryn Ratnapala

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The VNSL season is here, finally! It’s been a long journey since the end of last season, planning, ensuring we had the right support staff in place and speaking to players at all hours of the day and night, plus different time zones! We’ve even have an new name and begin 2018 as benecosMavericks. I’m pleased to say that benecosMavericks have a great group of hardworking, passionate and intelligent athletes and staff to take us forward into the 2018 VNSL season.

I’m delighted to be joined by Camilla Buchanan and Mary Waya this season in our Coaching team. Camilla is a long standing Mavericks member and has a wealth of experience on and off the court, having known her and worked with her for quite a few years, we are proving to be a great team on and off the court and it’s great to have her knowledge on the bench.

Mary Waya joined us for Fast 5 back in October 2017 and again is a welcomed part of the Mavericks coaching team, she brings a huge amount of International experience, creativity and flair to the game. Working with the Malawi Queens as a player and a coach, she has been a delight to work with and I’m looking forward to developing this partnership and her sharing her thoughts and ideas with our shooting area in particular.

With the retirement from Superleague netball of Vicklyn Joseph and Rose Morgan-Smith, it has been important to get the right blend of character and player to fill these important Mavericks players trainers going forward. Mavericks has always been a franchise to support internal development through our own pathway but also have looked overseas to ensure the strength and depth of the squad is evident.

Ensuring we had the right squad of players for the season ahead was paramount and I’m excited to welcome back Sasha Corbin, our Captain for the 2018 season and a formidable player and person. Sasha has an extensive history with Mavericks and on the international stage, she brings all of Mavericks values in her heart and I’m really excited to see her back with the Mavericks family in black & purple this season.

Lindsay, Ellie, Clare, Michelle, Raz, Steph, Summer, and Zara have all retained their position within the Mavericks side and I’m delighted to welcome Beth Ecuyer-Dale from Mavericks Youth to come into the 15, Beth worked so hard for the U19s and U21s last season and has continued to impress in the VNSL squad in preseason.

Finally we welcome the following players to the Mavericks family, we can’t wait to see you in black & purple Karyn Bailey, Kalifa McCollin, Gabs Marshall, Alice Travis and Frankie Wells.

This season is set to be an exciting one. There has been a lot of change across the league and new players welcomed from all over the world as well as the introduction of much young British talent to this level of netball.  We feel we will be strong contenders this year and look forward to every single match up.  We start our campaign today, away to Celtic Dragons and are looking to put out a strong performance and demonstrate what we will bring to play this season. We’re excited for everyone to see the hard work of the off season put into action.

Thanks to all our fans, volunteers and sponsors for making benecosMavericks a welcoming, supportive and successful environment to be part of. I’m excited to get the season underway and show you all what it means to wear the black & purple dress and to #BeAMaverick

For the latest benecosMavericks news, head over to their official website or follow them on Twitter.

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