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The diary of Mikki Austin: Week 3

Mikki Austin is a Vitality Netball Superleague winner and current Director of Netball/player at Surrey Storm.

Like everybody else over the last few weeks, and for the next few, Mikki has had to make adjustments to her life.

With an incredibly busy schedule in normal circumstances, we will be following Mikki’s schedule over the coming weeks to see how she stays sharp, on top of her coaching duties and what life is like now.



As the days roll on I am more and more thankful for boring. Although dull, in the current circumstance, no news is absolutely good news.

The first weekend in lockdown was strange for lots of different reasons. Friday was a real highlight with our first Surrey Storm Virtual Pub quiz – it was very stressful as quizmaster and marker (for my boyfriend) but a resounding success saw our first winners be crowned quiz champs – The Nemeth’s!

On Saturday I face timed a Surrey Storm family close to my heart and their daughter Alice, who’s 13. It was nice to check-in and talk about all things isolation and TikTok. Saturday also included a moment where this Covid-19 situation really hit home, a social distance visit from my parents, who stood 10ft away in masks and gloves whilst dropping some things off for work. It was so surreal and sad to see them and not be able to give them a big hug, I also had such a sense of worry when they left. I have so much respect for all families and how they’re coping through this.

Sunday saw the addition of Disney+ to the Putney Palace (the name for the flat I live in haha) and also saw my first attempt at Oreo brownies! Me and my boyfriend have decided to set a challenge of watching the entire Avengers story in order according to the storyline. So far we’ve watched Captain America and Iron Man, Up next – The incredible hulk!

Daily scheduling is still imperative for my productivity and holds me accountable.

Self Care – a little something that has consumed my life for a while – apple watch activity!! And this week I’ve decided to take breaks from wearing it so I’m not hard on myself about the reduced activity from my norm – I’m trying my best!











Emails and Office Work

Check-ins with our defenders

Speed session 1 and Bodyweights 1

Managers catch up via zoom

Captains catch up via Facetime

Get working on new quiz content

Monday ball and wall workout



Emails and Office work

VNSL Zoom meeting

Annual Planning meeting for 2021

Check-ins with our middies

5k Run + Crossfit session

Coaches catch up via Zoom

Check-in with U19s and U21s

Tuesday 5k run




Check-in with shooters

Emails and office work

Meeting with VNSL via Zoom

30 min cycle, Bodyweight session and CrossFit session

Team Catch up via Zoom

Wednesday workout

















Check-in with family

Emails and office work

Meetings with Surrey Senior management

I did 2 supersets in a workout and stopped because I was hungry – trying not to beat myself up for feeling unproductive at times.

Looking forward to tomorrows Surrey Storm Virtual pub quiz 2 – let’s see who the winners are this week!

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