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Vitality Netball Superleague 2022: Super fans hail Team Bath Netball as a family for all

They say that friends are the family you choose, and for Team Bath Netball, the fans will always be a family affair.

Blue and Gold superfans Mark and Emma Rodden have been a face in the crowd since watching England versus Malawi in 2014 and they never looked back.

The father-daughter duo now never miss a Team Bath game and stressed the family atmosphere that surrounds the team.

And when Mark suffered a health issue away at Saracens Mavericks, his netball family were quick to lend a helping hand.

Emma said: “Layla [Guscoth] broke off her Sky Sports interview to come over as she’s a doctor.

“She came over and made sure dad was okay and all of the first aiders and team came over to see how he was and everybody was really kind and supportive.

“They’re a family. They are a really good family.”

Mark added: “It just shows what they are like. One of the great things to me is the way they are together as a team and it just demonstrated how much they care.

“We have got to know them going to all the games and they do really appreciate it.”

The netball fanatics turned to supporting their local team of Bath when looking for further netball content.

And now part of the family, their memories of the Vitality Netball Superleague are close and fond.

Emma said: “We went to watch Manchester Thunder away in 2019 and we needed to win the game to get top four and it was just us two surrounded by lots of Thunder fans and we were screaming and shouting and we won that game and it was amazing.

“Eboni Usoro-Brown came over to us and I think that shows how they are such a family club and it’s really interactive and it was amazing to meet everybody that day.”

Team Bath face London Pulse on Sunday at the season-ender at the Copper Box after losing to the unbeaten Manchester Thunder in the playoff semi-final on Friday, but Mark and Emma are looking forward to ending the season with a celebration of netball and watching their favourite stars.

Mark added: “For me, my favourite player is Imogen Allison. She was just coming out of the youth set-up when we first saw her and we see her regularly and she’s always prepared to have a chat.

“Now she’s the Bath captain and just to see her on that journey and be the same person is just really nice.”

With the Vitality Netball Superleague evolving of the past few years, this year’s Grand Final at the Copper Box Arena is bound to be the biggest event yet for the league.

With Sky Sports coverage and fans back in the stadium, it’s never been a better time to be a netball fan.

Emma said: “I think TV coverage is so important. Most of the games are on YouTube which is amazing because everybody can watch them and I feel like it’s brought in so much for netball.

“I think netball is an amazing sport and it’s not just the sport, it’s the community that you get into. So when you join a club you are part of a netball community and there’s always something that you will remember.

“I would say to anybody that’s thinking of coming back to netball or wants to join a team to just do it because you will feel part of a team.”


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