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Proscovia Peace - Surrey Storm

Proscovia Peace is back for a second season at Surrey Storm and so is her philosophical attitude.

Returning to the Vitality Netball Superleague last year after two seasons in Australia, the goal shooter has finally found her home at Storm.

And with her netball family firmly settled, the 32-year-old believes she now holds the key to personal success and is eager to pass it on.

Reflecting on her debut year with Storm, she said: “I didn’t know how it would feel to play 60 minutes on the court, based on the previous year where I barely played a whole game.

“Stepping on court to play 60 minutes was interesting, I had to let go of my fear.
“Fear of failure can let you down and it’s often better as an individual to fear than to fail to attempt.

“I tell people that that was one of the best seasons I’ve played because I had nothing to think about but just to enjoy every second on court.

“As long as I put in my best performance, the end result will justify itself.”

Proscovia returned to the Superleague for the first time since leaving Loughborough Lightning in 2018 and helped steer her new team to a seventh-place finish in 2022.

And re-entry into the league required celebration both on and court.

She said: “There’s so many different moments with the team I remember, right from each game when we hold each other together whether we win or lose.

“For me, that’s what defines a team, a group of people that stick to each other and the ability to stand together in every circumstance is nice.

“Having a surprise birthday party for me was nice and it meant a lot to me. There was a cake and a few gifts that were so beautiful.

“It just made the environment seem so lovely because I was just two months old in it.”

Last season, Proscovia racked up an incredible 853 goals for Surrey Storm and claimed the most goals scored in a single game at 62.

And this summer she led her Uganda side to a fifth-place finish at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, a feat she holds dear to her heart.

Now one of the most established and experienced players on the team, the SheCranes captain is ready to open her arms, and fearless mentality, to the newest netballers at Storm.

She said: “In sport, there will always be changes and your ability to quickly adapt to a new team is very important to your performance as an individual.

“I’m excited to get to know the new players and it all depends on how we welcome them.

“If we welcome them warmly and embrace them as part of the family, we will all gel together and this is what they did to me.

“Last year, I came into the unknown and I didn’t know what was ahead of me and they embraced me.

“The team is comprised of some young players and some experienced players.

“It’s helping each other and as a person, I think I need to give my shoulder for teammates to lean on.

“If I’m able to stand with players and give them a shoulder to lean on when they need it the most then we can come out with the best result.”

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