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#SeeUsNow: Our 2024 campaign

Fierce. Ambitious. Unapologetic. We are the Netball Super League, and we will be seen.

Do you see us?

2024 is going to be a huge year for the NSL. A year where we really hit our stride and scale to new heights. A year where we see more fans than ever before tune in, show up and follow us. It’s the year we drive fandom, encouraging new and core fans to show up for their players, their club and their sport. This is the year we harness the power of netball, leaning into our strong and fiercely female-first foundations. The year that netball empowers more people than ever before to be their proud and unapologetic selves. And this is the year we lay the foundation for what’s ahead as we journey to becoming a fully professional league.

Players and fans, we shout. We roar. We leave it all on the court. 

Our players are our superpower. Talented, strong and fierce on court, they will thrill and excite fans in the most competitive competition week in week out. Off the court, we will get to know the people behind the positions, celebrating the incredible and inspiring women they are.

Now is the time for netball fans to be seen. To be heard. We will bring the noise, show our emotions, fill the arenas, and show the world that this is our sport, our league .

Do you really see us? 

We lead the way in more ways than one. There is so much more to the league, our clubs and our players and we are going to tell the stories that need to be heard this season:

  • From balancing dual careers, motherhood and education, our players are role models who are breaking down barriers and inspiring a new generation to unlock their potential and follow their dreams.
  • Reaching deep into the hearts of our communities, our clubs are engaging, educating, and empowering thousands of people every single day.
  • Our league will continue to use our platform to fight for a better, fairer future, to position netball as a leader in our industry and to ensure our collective voice is heard.

Our time is now

We are at the top of our game and we’re not slowing down. In fact, we are only just getting started.

This season, we will be taking the Netball Super League to bigger venues, into more homes, across more platforms. We will proudly and boldly showcase our sport, celebrating our players, our fans and our clubs. We will be a force to be reckoned with. We will be passionate, powerful and creative. We will be fun, real and relatable. We will be brave, bold and a resonant voice. But most of all, we will be seen!

Let’s make people sit up and take note. Together. Join our call to action to See Us Now.

Do you see us now? Because you will.

You can purchase tickets to all Netball Super League club home games here and catch live action from every round on Sky Sports, BBC Sport and NetballPass.


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