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Ball-hogger Beth Dix excited to be selfish at Surrey Storm

Beth Dix is excited to be ‘selfish’ and challenge for the Netball Super League title at Surrey Storm this year.

After three seasons with Strathclyde Sirens, the 26-year-old is returning to the team she was once in the pathway set-up for, to prioritise her development.

Dix is looking forward to pushing herself out of her comfort zone, having less of the ball and playing with her dream shooting duo.

“I was excited to just be a bit selfish and focus on my own netball this year,” she said. “It will probably be a learning curve.

“I obviously loved my time with Sirens and I was up in Glasgow for four years. But I just felt like it was the right time to move on, evolve and push myself into a new environment.


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“I’m still very much focused on wanting a netball career and wanting to do well in netball. 

“So, I just felt like I needed to spread my wings with it and I’m really excited to be with Storm this year.”

It was a big decision for Dix to relocate from up north, even if she was moving closer to her Bedfordshire roots.

But she felt confident it was the right time.

She added: “It just felt right. I trust Mikki [Austin] off the court, but as you can see from the results she’s had with Storm, you can clearly trust her on the court too. 

“I think she’s done incredible things at Surrey. And why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that? 

“So it was an easy decision, but also a hard one. Hard for my lifestyle, because I’m moving so far away from where I’ve been, but for my netball career, I think it’s the best move.”

Having finished among those all-important top-four spots last season, Dix is hoping to play a part in replicating Storm’s success this campaign.

“It is a really different environment and mindset to be in a team that’s wanting to win and expected to win,” she said. 

“We are expected to be around the top four because of last year. 

“I haven’t been playing in a team where the expectation is there. So that’s where I wanted to push myself and step outside my comfort zone.”

Dix is excited to step on court with an elite shooting duo, with Proscovia Peace and Sophie Drakeford-Lewis suiting up in the duck egg blue for another season.

The 25-year-old is also ready to embody a new style of play, one where she is not on the ball the whole time.

“I’m very much aware I’m a ball hogger!,” she admitted. “I’m having to learn a really different role – I can be effective and influence the game, but I don’t have to be on the ball all the time. It’s a really different style for me.

“Playing with Sophie Drakeford-Lewis and Peace Proscovia in the shooting circle – I think that’s pretty much any wing attack’s dream! 

“We’ve got a world-class shooter and the league has shown that you need one of those to win. I think we absolutely have the capability and the team to do so.”

Whilst Dix is working towards her team’s goals, she is also aware of her personal ambitions.

She said: “I think just as an athlete, you always want more. I want to win games, I want to be top four, I want to win a Super League title. 

“For me, that’s my main focus. I’d love to win a title and that’s what we’re going after with Surrey.”

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