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2024 Signing Window Explained: How does it all work? 

The 2024 Netball Super League (NSL) signing window will give all 10 clubs the opportunity to finalise their squads before the season begins. 

The signing window allows teams to fully form their squads by bringing in players from other clubs or reinstate those who have played for their club in the previous season. During the signing window an announcement period also opens for clubs to share the news of their squad players for the new season.   

If the NSL is new to you or you just need a reminder as to how things work, we have collated everything you need to know ahead of an exciting few weeks. 

When does the signing window open and close?  

The signing window dates were agreed in collaboration with clubs to suit their needs during this period, particularly with the Netball World Cup commencing this summer. 

For 2024, the signing window opened on Monday 19 June and clubs were given until 5pm on Friday 14 July to register a minimum of 10 of their registered 12 players. Any remaining registrations (a maximum of 2 Registered Players and up to 3 Training Partners) must be registered by the deadline of 5pm on 25th August. 

This is a formal registration period that takes place between NSL clubs and the NSL where in vital documents and procedures must be submitted and followed in order for the players to be eligible to compete in the upcoming season. This includes contracts, medical insurance forms, right to work checks and visa checks (for overseas players). 

Why is there a delay between signing and announcing players? 

Once each player has been fully registered, they are ‘ready to be announced’. As you can imagine with 150 players across 10 clubs, updated imagery, graphics and content to produce this process can often be long, so to support clubs the signing window is a separate timeframe to then allow the time and space to prepare for their squad announcements. 

Announcements for NSL 2024 can start at 9am on Monday 7 August, unless special dispensation is given to clubs to announce earlier. Teams have a deadline of until 5pm on Friday 15 September to reveal their full squad line ups.   

During this time, clubs supported by NSL and the wider news outlets, build excitement, share stories and reveal their exciting new line ups ahead of the new season. Each club decides its own release schedule within this period and often teams will tease their fans ahead of the announcement – so to keep up to date on all the latest movements make sure you’re following all the NSL social channels along with your favourite clubs. 

How large can squads be? 

Clubs may have a total squad of up to 15 players – amongst this should be 12 ‘Registered Players’ and up to three ‘Training Partners. 

Match day squads consist of the 12 Registered Players, with Training partners only being drafted into a match day squad due to ‘short term circumstances’ such as injury or illness.  

Who can clubs sign? 

Clubs can sign a maximum of 15 players during the signing window. Following the conclusion of the 2023 season, teams could start approaching players from other clubs who are currently out of contract; they were able to engage in negotiations with their existing contracted players before the end of the season. 

Squads are made up of mainly UK athletes but each side is allowed to register two non-UK players. However, these players cannot play in the same area of the court at the same time in any game (i.e. GS and GA, C, WA and WD, GD and GK). 

Salary cap rules now see clubs having to submit 10 of their registered players who fit within the league’s salary cap rules. They can therefore register two registered players who sit outside of the salary cap. 

All players must be at least 16 years old on the closing date of player registrations. 

What were the key signings from last year? 

Last summer proved to be one of the most eagerly anticipated yet as the 2023 Signing Window was one to behold. 

Several big names either joined the league, came back to the NSL after some time away or transferred between NSL teams; all of which made a huge impact on the season. 

Jo Trip returned to the Super League as Severn Stars‘ new Head Coach, Mary Cholhok was the 2023 Gilbert Top Scorer with Loughborough Lightning, Chelsea Pitman joined London Pulse, just to name a few. 

Where can I keep up to date with all signings? 

For news on all of the latest signings during the window, make sure to follow the @NetballSL on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and subscribe to our newsletter. 

For specific club news, be sure to be across all ten of our teams on their respective social media accounts. 

We will also be covering each signing in full on our website, offering weekly round-ups and key transfer information. Don’t miss out! 

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