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What did day six bring at the Netball World Cup?

Welcome back to the Netball World Cup x Netball Super League (NSL) updates blog, where you can keep on top of all that’s going on in Cape Town! In this article, you will find score updates, standout players and much more. Come back daily to read about your NSL stars!


Zimbabwe vs Singapore:

Surrey Storm defender Felisitus Kwangwa started in the goal defence position for her Zimbabwe side bright and early this morning. With an early turnover off the centre pass Kwangwa played the ball to the third line, where the rest of her team finished off the job and converted the interception to goal, allowing the Zimbabwe Gems an early lead. The momentum off their centre passes in the first half set the tone of the game as Singapore were just that little bit slower with their ball speed and take offs. An early change for Singapore disrupted the flow of the Gems but not for long as the defence were chasing their players, hunting for those turnovers. The first half ended, 38-19.

The second half saw Singapore come out onto court with a bit more fire in their belly. However, Zimbabwe’s goal shooter, Nalani Makunde, was on top form and no one was going to slow that down, with her shooting at 100%. Kwangwa, now on 103 caps for her country, continued to push hard for her team to get their second win of the tournament. With Singapore making some unforced errors, Zimbabwe reacted quickly to ensure they capitalised on these and scored. Their attacking unit drove the ball to the circle edge perfectly on multiple occasions to then feed Makunde the ideal ball. The final score was 68-40, which meant they go into the 13th/14th play off, as well as a confidence boost now they’ve had two wins on the bounce.

Wales vs Uganda

Celtic Dragons athletes Georgia Rowe, Phillipa Yarranton, Clare Jones and Ella Powell-Davies were joined by Team Bath’s Bethan Dyke Christina Shaw of Saracens Mavericks and Leeds Rhino Nia Jones in today’s starting line up for the Welsh Feathers. Coming up against Shaw would be none other than Loughborough Lightning goal shooter Mary Cholhok.  After playing each other in the NSL, Cholhok and Shaw were about to have a battle on their hands. Uganda kicked off proceedings, taking their first centre pass to goal. However, Wales did not make it easy for them as they shut down the Ugandan attacking unit from outside the circle. With the Welsh fans easily spotted in the crowd, donning their special bucket hats, it was obvious who had the most support today. Wales’ attack were quick to get the ball into the circle but the She Cranes defence were just too clinical in their execution of interceptions. The first quarter ended 12-15.

The second quarter saw Yarranton and Rowe’s partnership blossom just that little bit more. The shooter to shooter passes made the Ugandan defence work extra hard, trying to get their bodies in between the shooters. Cholhok was also on top form, shooting at 96% in the first half. Her movement inside and outside the circle helped her feeders deliver the ball at the right time. Her hold against Shaw was also impressively strong, adjusting her body angles to being ball side when necessary. Wales needed to step up their game and their pace after the break if they wanted to decrease the goal margin. The score going into half time was 27-36.

The Welsh Feathers came out after half time with the instructions to their attack to bring ball up high and stay high up on the defence to add more pressure to the She Cranes. Nia Jones provided some fantastic transitional play down the court from defence to attack to allow Rowe to add another goal to her name. However, Uganda applied pressure in their defence, forcing more errors to be made by the Welsh side. The score going into the final 15 minutes was 41-58.

The final quarter had a new level excitement to it – with the introduction of Shona O’Dwyer to the court, the pocket rocket centre injected some speed into the Wales squad. Dyke’s vision opened up as her ball placement into Rowe, who was home alone in the circle multiple times, was executed with perfection. Powell-Davies now against a new opponent went hunting for ball and came away victorious on a few occasions, winning the ball and Yarranton converting. The She Cranes were just too strong today against the Welsh Feathers, winning the game 56-72.

Jamaica vs Trinidad & Tobago

Celtic Dragons’ Shadquanda Greene-Noel made an appearance in the second quarter for the Calypso girls. The Sunshine Girls of Jamaica had a very strong start, kicking off this match with a five goal run. With Jhaniele Fowler being rested, it was up to Romelda Aiken-George to sink the shots for her team. Greene-Noel had a tough oppoent but that did not stop her from fighting for every lose ball. The T&T attacking unit made some good connections, threading the needle through court but with Jamaica contesting every centre pass it was tough for them to keep a steady flow of play. The first half ended, 44-10.

The second half just proved how strong the Jamaican side are. Their passion and drive to win ball and keep ball was prominent in this half as they continued to dominate T&T. With every turnover for Jamaica, the crowd’s support really boosted their performance even more. Dancing, singing and cheering could be seen and heard as the Sunshine Girls continued to rack up their goals. However, the Calypso Girls did not let this faze them or disrupt their game as they continued to celebrate the little wins amongst their team. The game ended 89-26, with Jamaica looking to face New Zealand, for what’s expected to be a fantastic game, tomorrow.

South Africa vs New Zealand:

The South African fans were out in force as the host nation played New Zealand in the penultimate match of the day. With a win for South Africa meaning a firm spot in the semi finals, the pressure put on by their defence was immense, forcing balls to go wide and off the Silver Ferns’ back line. With Saracens Mavericks’ Ine-Mari Venter starting at goal shooter for the SPAR Proteas, she was playing her biggest game of the tournament so far. The New Zealand shooters were strong on their holds in the circle, forcing their defenders behind them so they were able to be ball side. Shooter to shooter balls between Venter and her goal attack proved to be a strong point for the SPAR Proteas as New Zealand did not expect these. The crowds electricity intensified as turnovers were increasing in the New Zealand attacking end, which eventually lead to conversions. Venter’s core strength proved to be stronger than a rock as she managed to hold a ball from going off the backline, repositioning herself and scoring from distance. With Venter being replaced by Elmere Van Der Berg, she was able to rest and come back from the half time break ready to go. The score going into the half time break was 21-26.

The second half of this match was one to behold. The fans were going wild, the players were going wild; it was a spectacle of netball! With a few changes made to the Proteas squad, they continued to push themselves and increase their work rate. However, the Silver Ferns came back from the break with even more gusto, capitalising on every one of their centre passes, meaning their lead was being easily maintained. Karla Pretorious for the Proteas made a sublime interception, which Van der Berg converted to add another goal to the South African score. The rest of the game went goal for goal, with the occasional disruption of play due to substitutions or court wiping. But New Zealand were just too strong, reading every pass that the South African’s made and intercepting. In an exciting final two minutes, South Africa were only trailing by one goal. The pressure was on! New Zealand kept their composure and worked hard until the final whistle. A last 10 second interception from the South African goal keeper saw South Africa draw level with a buzzer beater goal. The game concluded at 48-48, with someone now having to do some serious maths to work out who gets that semi final spot!

Sri Lanka vs Barbados:

Team Bath’s Kadeen Corbin started in the goal shooter position tonight for Barbados. Her sister, Saracens Mavericks icon Sasha Corbin was on the bench, ready to come on and make an impact. The first half consisted of high intensity, high feeds and high energy. Going goal for goal for the majority of the first half, both teams were looking for that breakaway point in the game; looking for that moment of magic. Kadeen was not afraid to turn and shoot in her position, whilst getting used to working with another team mate that wasn’t her sister. Her split landings came with impeccable balance as she inched herself closer to the post to secure another point on the board for the Bajan Gems. Sasha Corbin was introduced onto the court just before half time, hoping to inject some flare and speed to the court. The score going into half time was 30-26.

The second 30 minutes flew by; the intensity was stepped up another level after the 12 minute break by both teams. They came out hunting for goals and fire in their belly. The Corbin sisters found their flow when working together; the space opening up for Kadeen to run the back line and receive the perfect pass. The Sri Lankan defence were working hard however to pick up any loose balls and capitalise on Barbados’s unforced errors. The grace was carried by both teams as the game concluded after a nice match of netball; 60-56.

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