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Where will your NSL stars place?

Welcome back to the Netball World Cup x Netball Super League (NSL) updates blog, where you can keep on top of all that’s going on in Cape Town! In this article, you will find score updates, standout players and much more. Come back daily to read about your NSL stars!


Zimbabwe vs Barbados:

Three of our own NSL starred in todays 14th/15th play off – for Zimbabwe, Surrey Storm’s Felisitus Kwangwa started in the goal defence position, while on the opposition, the Corbin sisters were back to play their final game, with Team Bath’s Kadeen Corbin in at goal attack and Sasha Corbin from Saracens Mavericks at wing attack – this would be Sasha Corbin’s final game ahead of her retirement, so the team wanted to make it a special one. The first half started with the Zimbabwe fans dancing in their seats, singing the praises of their nation. Both teams took their first centre pass to goal, with Zimbabwe making the first turnover of the game. Kwangwa vs K. Corbin was a match up to behold… friends from the NSL, these two players know how the other plays, inside and out. Practically glued together in the first half, the pair tussled for every ball, with Kadeen coming out on top for the majority of the time, with the help of her sister. After a big first half from both sides, the score going into half time was, 30-28.

With Sasha playing her final 30 minutes of netball, she came back after the break all guns blazing, ready to try and win this match. Zimbabwe carried on their goal scoring streak, coming out after the break with a desire to win. With K. Corbin moving to goal keeper to add some extra pressure in the Zimbabwe shooting circle, her hunt for ball started, tracking her player and pushing her shooter high to the top of the circle. With Zimbabwe now picking up the pace and even more turnovers for Kwangwa in the Bajan Gems’ attacking end, they scored numerous goals, taking their lead way out in front. A reward for their efforts was shown with a win for Zimbabwe, 75-48. An emotional last game for Sasha Corbin but one she would have enjoyed nonetheless.

Malawi vs Uganda:

Loughborough Lightning’s Mary Cholhok stood tall in Uganda’s shooting circle, ready to take on Malawi in this play-offs fixture. Her opponent, Towera Vinkhumbo of Strathclyde Sirens, who started the game in goal defence but partnered up with her goal keeper to double up on Cholhok. The fans for both teams were shouting and singing from the stands, letting the teams know that they were there. Mary’s use of exiting the circle allowed her goal attack to run into the back space to receive the overhead pass – with this working a few times, it allowed Uganda an early lead. Malawi retaliated, picking up on Uganda’s unforced errors and taking them to goal which meant they soon caught up with their score. Malawi’s Takondwa Lwazi was formidable in the centre position, running onto every ball and feeding with perfect accuracy. After an injury to Malawi’s wing attack coming to the end of the second half, Malawi’s tempo shifted as it impacted their mentality for just a few minutes. Uganda powered through the final few minutes after an injury to their goal defence. A very physical game between these two sides, going into the final 30 minutes 23-28.

The second half saw the game become even more physical. With both teams battling to make it to the higher placings fixture, the determination was well and truly showing. With Cholhok still being Uganda’s main target, their high balls into the circle managed to work a majority of the time, but with Vinkhumbo already knowing Mary’s playing style, it was easy for her to read the game and pick up the interceptions. Malawi’s Joyce Mvula was shooting at 100%, however this wasn’t enough to push her side to victory. The first time ever where Uganda have beaten Malawi at a netball World Cup; the game concluded, 46-57.

South Africa vs Tonga

Ine-Mari Venter of Saracens Mavericks started in the goal shooter for the host nation in the last match of the day. Her impressive shooting has carried her team all the way to this stage of the tournament. Former NSL star Cat Tuivaiti was on the opposite end of the court for Tonga, showing off her ball skills only 13 seconds into the match with an over the shoulder, no look pass. Both teams have grown exponentially throughout the tournament – both teams giving the fans something to talk about. With the score pretty evenly matched, both teams needed to bring something new to the court; whether that change something up that they’re doing or increase their pace and power behind their game. Manchester Thunder’s Shadine Van der Merwe was shouting from her team’s bench, spurring on her side to push themselves to the limit. The score going into half time was 30-23.

The second half of the game was an exciting one. Both teams knew what it would mean to make that higher placings match so they really stepped up their game. The noise from the crowd grew louder and louder with every intercept, shot and pass made by the South African team. Frustration started to show from Tonga as their unforced error count started to increase, which meant the SPAR Proteas capitalised on their mistakes. Despite Tuivait sitting at 100% shooting stats, this did not stop South Africa’s defence from allowing the ball to get to her – keeping her high and wide in the circle meant that Tonga had to swing the ball across the D, which allowed the Proteas to pick up circle edge interceptions. As the clock ticked down, the home nation secured their win, 72-46, going into their final match with a big smile on their faces.



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