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Q&A: London Pulse’s Ama Agbeze

New Year, new season, new team, new players!

London Pulse will make history in 2019 when they become the first Central London-based club to play in the Vitality Netball Superleague.

Ahead of their inaugural campaign, we caught up with captain Ama Agbeze to get her thoughts on starting with Super 10, her team and expectations.

How much are you looking forward to Super 10?

Super 10 is really exciting! You get to see the other teams in one venue, which is great. Pre-season games are all well and good but actually performing at Super 10 means we get to see and play all the other teams on one day. It’s fancy dress too so hopefully the atmosphere will be exciting and vibrant.

How are you feeling about the season as a whole?

Everybody’s ready and on point, it’s just exciting to get things started. There have been a few pre-season games, which gave us all a chance to test the waters but we’re all just really excited now to get into the new season.

What are the London Pulse’s main strengths?

I think we watch each other’s backs and are there for each other as a team, which is important. The diversity within the team is a real strength too I think with the mix of age, skill and experience.

What are your hopes and expectations for the season?

I think we need to take each game as it comes and not look too far ahead in the season. As we’re a new team we still need to gel and get used to new combinations. We want to set our standard on court and to show what our team looks like. Just establishing a good solid team and being consistent are the key things for us right now I think.

You can get tickets to watch all 10 teams in action at the Super 10 season opener here.