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Manchester Thunder Coronavirus update

Vitality Netball SuperLeague Opener 2020

Manchester Thunder, the reigning Vitality Netball Superleague Champions, are putting in place measures to ensure they have a strong, stable future amid the Coronavirus crisis.

From Friday 27 March, all 17 players and coaching staff employed by the franchise have been furloughed through the government scheme to support businesses through the current unprecedented period.

This will ensure the business can continue to keep it’s on and off court team together and, once the restrictions on social distancing are lifted, can resume their work.

For the franchise as a business, it means 80 per cent of our salary bill will be paid by the government. We have though committed to top up the remaining 20 per cent so our players and coaches continue to receive what they usually would.

Managing Director Debbie Hallas says:

“These are unprecedented times and we want to ensure we do everything we can to ensure that Manchester Thunder has a strong future once the national emergency measures are lifted and life, for us all, returns to some sense of normality.

“We have been part of the Superleague for its entire existence and know that, though there are no easy decisions, this is the right one for all of us. While we are a business, we are primarily a family – and we look after each other – which is why we are also making the commitment to ensure our furloughed players and coaches will receive the same as they always have, with Thunder topping up the government’s business support.”

The franchise wants to ensure it is in a strong position to resume operations once the national emergency comes to an end, ensuring that players and coaches have the opportunity to compete, and fans have the opportunity to cheer them on.

Debbie Hallas adds:

“Manchester Thunder, like all Superleague franchises, are a crucial part of our sport – where talent is identified, skills developed, and the next generation of international stars emerge. At a time of so much uncertainty, and after an exciting start to the current season, I am determined to ensure we protect ourselves for the future.”

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