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Leeds Rhinos

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Saracens Mavericks

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21st May 2022
Round 19
Allam Sports Centre
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Sigi Burger shoots for goal

Sigi Burger netted 59 goals as Rhinos beat Mavericks. Image: Matthew Merrick Photography

Leeds Rhinos ended Saracens Mavericks’ top four hopes with a 62-58 victory at the Allam Sport Centre.

First Quarter

Jade Clarke took the first centre pass of the game for Leeds Rhinos and Burger popped it through for 1-0. Amelia Hall then went high into Sigi Burger to put Rhinos back ahead 2-1.

Footwork was called against Rhinos but with the tight defensive pressure that was applied meant Mavericks were forced offside.

Rhinos were patient and Brie Grierson found Burger to go back ahead. Vicki Oyesola tipped the ball twice but on both occasions, it fell off the backline before Chloe Essam added to Mavericks tally to level it up 3-3.

Tuaine Keenan tipped the ball and an attacking contact was made against Mavericks.

Rhinos then went high over Kadeen Corbin to reach Burger to give Rhinos a three-point lead. Ine-Mari Venter put another through the net to settle her side before Burger responded by holding strong in the circle to make it 7-4.

Hall moved well but an attacking contact came from Burger before Mavericks transitioned to make it 8-7.

Mavericks had to reset on the line to Jodie Gibson and the tight defensive work from Oyesola and Keenan saw them pick up the rebound from a missed shot.

Grierson popped it to Burger who puts it through the net to extend their lead to 9-7, and Rhinos found Burger at ease to extend he lead to 10-7.

Burger remained strong within the circle for Rhinos before Kadeen Corbin took the front position of Burger and earned Mavericks the ball which they converted.

Rhinos applied pressure and caused a held ball early allowing Burger to add one more and Mavericks picked up the ball but within seconds the ball was back in Grierson’s hands 13-10.

Michelle Magee earned her side the ball allowing Burger again to pop one through the net 14-10. Speed was on display from Hall but Gibson and Kadeen Corbin combined well to earn their side possession.

They converted from a Rhinos centre pass then they faced extreme defensive pressure from the Rhinos which caused a missed shot with just one goal in it.

Hall went long and high into Burger as Rhinos stretched their lead to three before quick hands were on display from Hall and Clarke to bring the ball to circle edge where they reached Burger.

Mavericks got a chance to take one final goal with two seconds remaining but tight defensive work from Rhinos denied them of a goal to go in 17-14 at the break.

Second Quarter

Rhinos got the second quarter underway and Burger continued with her successes to make it 18-14.

Hall stayed strong under the pressure of Gabriella Marshall and Rhinos picked up the ball from a missed shot, they converted from a Mavericks centre pass and then their own to the crowd's delight as it became a six-goal game.

Rhinos replayed the ball allowing Mavericks to transition down the court to close the deficit, and Mavericks were forced to reset to the line but Venter put it through and make it 21-18.

Rhinos were forced off the sideline but Mavericks put the ball over a third, Burger calmed her side and establish a four-goal lead.

The hosts then went quick with the ball but Grierson was on the floor meaning the options upfront were limited. Mavericks picked up the ball and converted and then took their own centre pass to bring it back to one goal.

Grierson combined well with Clarke as Rhinos began to edge further in front and Mavericks put too much on it for Venter which allowed Hall to go high into Burger. Gibson picked up a caution for Mavericks and Rhinos added another to their tally.

Rhinos then forced Mavericks off the sideline before Hall found Burger allowing her to get three in a row to extend their lead out to six.

An attacking obstruction went against Mavericks and Rhinos quickly transitioned to circle to lead 28-21.

Clarke then combined well with all those in attack and Burger popped another one in to make the lead eight. Rhinos picked up a rebounded ball but Mavericks regained possession on their transition down the court to get one back.

Keenan picked up a ball and Burger got around the arms of Kadeen Corbin as Rhinos led by nine, before Keenan and Oyesola worked together on the rebound to gain possession, Hall placed the ball perfectly into Burger to put Rhinos further ahead.

Burger did well to get a hold of the ball in between the tight defence from Mavericks and Oyesola tipped the ball but it remained in Maverick hands.

Mavericks again were denied a final goal of the quarter  as the sides went in 34-27.

Third Quarter

The second half got underway with a Mavericks centre pass which they quickly took to goal.

Hall again kept control of the ball on the circle edge to keep up Rhinos' lead and Clarke and Hall combined well to allow Rhinos to keep the scoreboard ticking over with a six-point lead as Mavericks looked to fight back.

Gibson went out on the fly from the centre pass earning the ball but Keenan got the front position early to regain possession for the home side.

Too much was on it this time into Burger but Keenan helped Marshall up before forcing Mavericks to miss their shot.

Quick hands from Clarke allowed Grierson an attempt at goal and after picking up their own rebound it fell through.

Mavericks were forced upon a held ball, Rhinos converted and then added from their own centre pass but were struggling to eat into Rhinos' lead.

Clarke moved well and got herself in front of the ball reading play well, Rhinos lost possession further down the court. Mavericks took ball from a Rhino centre pass and the gap was back to six.

Rhinos quickly found Burger within the circle and later the defensive efforts were rewarded for Rhinos as the ball went off the backline for Mavericks.

Mavericks quickly regained possession further down court but again the ball went off the backline. Rhinos combined well on circle edge and Burger added one more. Grierson put her hands up to disrupt Mavericks transition but they regained and Venter added to their tally, 47-40.

Rhinos took their centre pass with 25 seconds remaining, Hall went long into Burger who converted, forcing Mavericks into taking their centre pass which found Venter in time to add one more to make it 48-42 going into the final quarter.

Clarke got the final quarter underway which Burger took straight to goal, and then tipped the ball before moving on to it to earn herself and her home side possession to bring their lead to eight.

Hall then came out on the centre pass quickly and combined well with Burger who added one more.

Clarke faked it to Grierson but seconds later Mavericks picked up ball and after converting their own centre pass the gap was to four.

Burger was found under the post home alone and the crowd loved it as the lead went to five.

Rhinos put the ball over a third which allowed Mavericks to convert from a Rhinos centre pass alongside taking their own to goal.

Burger did well to keep the ball in court, Clarke came out with possession of the ball and Hall found Burger with ease to restore the lead to three.

Mavericks missed a shot and Oyesola picked up the loose ball. Rhinos patiently built and found Burger under the post.

Burger held off Gibson to put another one in as the lead went back to five before Clarke was patient with the ball and eventually found Burger as the circle opened up.

The ball was played in and out eventually ending with Burger popping through another goal taking their lead out to five again.

Rhinos transitioned at speed from their centre pass and Oyesola earned herself the ball and assisted the transition down into Burger, but the goal did not stand.

Mavericks shortened the gap to just two with just under a minute remaining but Grierson took the shot but Burger got the rebound to make it a three-goal game again and ease Rhinos' nerves.

Mavericks replayed the ball allowing Rhinos one more goal before the end of the game 62-58.

Report provided by Leeds Rhinos

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